About Us

Who we are

EnviroArchitecture is an RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice located in the heart of the Isle of Man. Committed to excellence, we specialise in innovative Passive House and low-energy construction methods, setting the benchmark for sustainable architecture locally and beyond.

With designers certified by the Passive House Institute in Germany and modellers and certifiers accredited by the AECB, we are the only certified Passivhaus design practice that can provide AECB certification in the region. Boasting nearly two decades of expertise, we have earned a reputation for delivering and supporting others to produce captivating, healthy, and eco-conscious architectural solutions.

Operating with efficiency and effectiveness, we leverage our modest size to cultivate strong client relationships and provide customised services for projects of all sizes. We prioritise personalised attention to ensure each client's unique needs are met with precision and care.

Our architectural philosophy combines advanced building science with a conscientious approach to environmental, social, and economic factors. Each project reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting visually appealing designs that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings while promoting sustainability. We believe meticulous attention to detail ensures our projects can be built on time, without issue, and to the highest standards.

We demonstrate our dedication to sustainability through mindful material selection and eco-friendly practices. Our expertise and passion for Passivhaus and low-energy design are clear demonstrations of our commitment to energy efficiency, social health and wellbeing, reduction in fuel poverty, and taking action on climate change.

In new construction, we bring fresh perspectives and innovative techniques to create contemporary structures that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. For refurbishment projects, we rejuvenate existing spaces, updating outdated structures with modern amenities while preserving their architectural integrity.

Approaching each project with enthusiasm and expertise, we strive to deliver exceptional results that withstand the test of time. Through our commitment to craftsmanship, collaboration, and client satisfaction, we maintain our position as a trusted leader in the construction industry.

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