Our Services

Architectural Services & Design

How we work?

First and foremost, we ask questions, listen and develop an understanding of what our clients are trying to achieve. We then propose bespoke services to best suit each client and project.

This can be via a full service appointment covering all stages of a project from feasibility to handover, or part service appointment which is tailored to provide specific services, for example a client may wish to employ us up to and including a Planning Application and Building Control Application.

A typical full service appointment would follow the RIBA Plan of Works which can viewed by following the below link.


Passivhaus Design

What is Passivhaus Design?

Passivhaus design is essentially about fusing cutting edge and proven building science with architecture and building design.

As certified Passivhaus Designers we are highly trained and have specific knowledge in the international Passivhaus Standard, the building science of Passivhaus, the space planning of Passivhaus, the construction of Passivhaus, and building services for Passivhaus. We bring all the aspects of Passivhaus and low energy building design together across multiple disciplines.

We work closely with our clients to communicate the benefits and features of Passivhaus and Passivhaus Design. We also work with and assist construction professionals, contractors and other third parties in design to the Passivhaus standard. Finally, as a part of the certification process, we can guide our client’s and the design team through the process, and directly liaise with the independent Passivhaus Building Certifier, who’s job it is to ensure the exacting Passivhaus standards are met.

As with many things that bestow quality, performance and a lasting benefit, Passivhaus and the EnerPHit standards are not easy to achieve. However, with our knowledge, experience and rigorous work approach we help our clients successfully achieve accreditation.

Sustainable Building Consultancy

What support and advice can we provide?

• Generation and validation of the energy efficiency of proposals by using the reliable and detailed energy model and planning tool Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).

• Produce bespoke Psi-value Calculations to quantify the performance of construction details. Vital to avoid issues of poor performance, thermal bridges and associated issues of condensation and mould growth.

• Toolbox talks for contactors and trades, including how to build airtight, maintain insulation continuity and reduce the as built performance gap.

• Environmental value engineering of construction proposals. Through detailed analysis of construction details and information, along with bespoke Psi-value calculations we can help provide solutions to generate a more efficient building design, in turn saving on construction costs from reducing the use of default and over engineered assumptions.

AECB Building Standard Certification

The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) is a UK-based non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible construction practices aimed at benefiting human and environmental well-being. Drawing from Passivhaus methodology, AECB standards are founded on principles that utilise the Passivhaus Planning Package for design and certification purposes.

The AECB Building Standard is applicable to both new constructions and retrofitting existing buildings, encompassing both residential and commercial projects. Upholding quality assurance and bridging the performance gap between design and construction, the AECB advocates for project certification, a process facilitated by AECB Approved Certifiers. In our capacity as AECB Approved Certifiers, we offer guidance and official certification services to projects seeking compliance with the AECB Building Standard.